Our Purpose

Promoting the preservation, protection and enhancement of the Lake Waubesa Ecosystem for all to enjoy.

Our Objectives

  • Engage in information dissemination and educational activities to preserve and enhance the environment of Lake Waubesa and its watershed.

  • Encourage members, organizations and the community to serve as champions of Lake Waubesa.

  • Educate members on conservation approaches and techniques.

  • Initiate and promote activities which conserve, protect and improve the well-being of Lake Waubesa.

  • Form partnerships with individuals, organizations and local municipalities for the benefit of Lake Waubesa.

  • Encourage a working balance of riparian rights and environmental goals to best serve the community and Lake Waubesa.

  • Preserve and grow the LWCA membership.

How are we different?

The Clean Lakes Alliance (CLA) focuses on water quality, specifically phosphorus reduction in the Yahara watershed. The Yahara Lakes Association (YLA) represents lakeshore property owners and advocates for the vitality of the chain of lakes. LWCA is soley dedicated to 'advancing the well-being of Lake Waubesa.' Our mission is specific: "to Preserve, Protect, and Enhance the Lake Waubesa Ecosystem for all to enjoy."

What We Do

Listening to concerns while informing, and acting as a unified voice for Lake Waubesa in matters such as:

  • Optimizing water levels, lake flow and flood mitigation

  • Sediment removal projects with focus on the waterways with the greatest impact on Lake Waubesa

  • Opposed drilling of deep wells into the aquafer that feeds the springs of the Lake

Coordinating, organizing, and implementing clean waterway projects including:

  • Mid-Summer Lake aquatic plant pick-up program for around your pier

  • Five centralized fall leaf collection sites (Town of Dunn) to help mitigate phosphoric leaching into the lake

  • Coordinate and host spring neighborhood and lakeshore clean-up day(s)