The Libby Landfill Conflict

In 1982 Dane County proposed a landfill on the Libby Farm property about 1,200 feet from the shore of Lake Waubesa. This link outlines the key events over 15 years in the Libby Landfill saga leading all the way to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Libby Chronology

In this section of the Lake Currents newsletter the scope of the landfill is outlined, along with the associated risks…with the last bullet point functioning perhaps as the tipping point for defeating the landfill. Libby Landfill Scope

In the Fall of 1991 LWCA Donates $20,000 for Libby Arbitration Case. This presentation and a picture of many that we're involved appeared in the Lake Currents newsletter linked here. Libby Donation

This portion of the Lake Currents newsletter describes the final actions and key experts with the imminent decision on the Libby Landfill, potentially leading to then Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson. Libby Showdown Concludes

This enthusiastic "Thank you!" appearing in Lake Currents, from then Executive Director Jan Zimmerman, lists the myriad individuals and groups involved in eventual defeat of the landfill. Thank You!

More LWCA History

LWCA Newsletter 2008

Bike Path & 16th Anniversary of Libby Defeat

LWCA Accomplishments

Over the years LWCA has received numerous awards for conservation efforts including: “Citizen of the Year” from the Yahara Lakes Association, “Stewardship Award” for environmental protection from the Town of Dunn Parks Commission, and an annual award for “Stewardship” from the Dane County Natural Heritage Foundation. We are proud to be considered the ‘environmental champions’ of Lake Waubesa.