On The Horizon

  • Implement an electronic payment option for membership and donations.

  • Expand pier aquatic plant pick-up program.

  • Seek county commitment for a dedicated aquatic plant harvester for Lake Waubesa.

  • Identify appropriate lake grants and begin application process(es).

  • Follow-up on potential universal kayak launch for west side of lake.

  • Continue to expand and strengthen membership and appropriate collaborations.

  • Begin the process of developing the first Lake Waubesa Management Plan. See more below...

More on...What is a "Lake Management Plan"?

A lake management plan (LMP) is a formal strategy for protecting and also potentially improving the lake. Typically, riparian landowners, lake associations and local municipalities take on the task of preparing an LMP. If there is no local initiative, it probably won’t get done!

In Wisconsin, an LMP helps to get matching funds for financing lake improvement projects. This can include improvements to our boat launch facilities, creating fish cleaning stations, establishing a water quality sampling program, upgrading navigation features on the lake and enhancing ongoing education programs focused on the lake.

A typical plan addresses in-water, shoreline, and watershed conditions. An LMP generally includes a focus on:

  • Water quality

  • aquatic plants, organisms and fish

  • Shoreline erosion, runoff

  • Sources of pollution on the land surrounding the lake

  • Stakeholders, partners, & community input

  • Organizational capacity and readiness to plan

A plan includes goals, objectives, and lays out potential projects, budgets, and timelines. An effective LMP can’t be done without strong partnerships between lake shore owners, municipalities, and other stakeholders who have an interest in the lake. We need you to be involved to make Lake Waubesa a sustainable resource that will enhance our community and the ecosystem.

Once a plan is developed, it can guide us on choosing the best strategies to accomplish our goals.